Web development is a professional discipline that requires expertise and technical skill. Web development is an umbrella term that includes web design, web engineering, client-side scripting, e-commerce development, web content development, etc. Web development is the final and most important stage in the process of website building. A web developer gets the design of a website from a web designer and turns the visual blueprint into a full-fledged website. Web development necessitates the technicians to be adept in computer programming languages as their work entails coding and writing markup languages that include Hypertext Markup language (HTML), JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), PHP, JQuery, etc.

A web development company in India is not a tough ask to find. There is an abundance of professional web development companies providing all the services related to website creation and designing. Therefore, these web development companies are providing a one-stop solution to their clients by including services like web hosting, search engine optimization, mobile app development, CMS web development solutions, etc. Among all such important services, one of the most important and popular services that these companies provide is WordPress development service. WordPress development services are in demand among all the clients because of the reputation WordPress has.

WordPress is a free and open-source platform that was originally created for blogging purposes. It is open-source denoting that anybody can write and modify codes that will enhance the user experience. With its popularity soaring sky-high, WordPress made structural changes with the core code with the addition of a multitude of features like the plugin architecture and other software bits. This resulted in it becoming one of the most popular website building software that is not only used for business websites and portfolios but also for e-commerce stores and social networking sites.

While choosing a top web development provider, it is imperative to see whether it houses professional developers who have the experience in building responsive and SEO-friendly websites with WordPress. There is an abundance of features available on WordPress. The software is built on PHP and MySQL and has over 55000 plugins in the public domain. It would require professional expertise to use only those attributes that suit your company profile instead of cluttering it with multiple features.

  • The web development company must provide all the WordPress development services including customized solutions.
  • All services can be availed at an economical budget.
  • The team of WordPress developers is skilled and experienced.
  • While providing WordPress development services, the company must know how to use the best plugins and modules.
  • Has a good reputation for delivering the work within the given time-frame.
  • The professional acumen to understand a client’s needs and objectives regarding his business and choosing the most suitable WordPress function likewise.
  • 24*7 all-year-round tech support for the clients.
  • It has the requisite infrastructure and follows the latest trends.
  • Past clients or client history.