Wordpress Theme Development

WordPress is open-source PHP and MYSQL based CMS software. It is widely used for website designing and development and one of the best blog publishing applications. WordPress enables users to have easy configuration of their website and blogs without much hassle. Thus, WordPress theme determines the overall display of the blog or website.


WordPress Theme Development comprises designing website templates for content management system. Each theme is made up of template files. These template files includes .jpg and .gif images, style sheets or .css, custom-made template files, custom pages and any type of code files .php. Using the above template files, the word press developer in our reputed company can formulate unique style and design of website.


Our well experienced WordPress theme developers use software like Photoshop, Macromedia flash, Corel draw etc. to develop attractive WordPress themes for websites. WordPress provide mainly two types of themes, and these are namely free themes and premium themes. These themes work on different aspects. We provide both types of themes to our clients.


We develop WordPress themes for website as well as blog according to the requirement and instruction of the client. Our developers work upon WordPress themes that have various technical advantages such as;

  • Developers can give the website a unique look by developing WordPress theme.
  • Theme developers can take advantage of templates, template tags, and the WordPress Loop to generate different website results and looks.
  • Developers can use style switcher to switch between two site layouts.
  • Developers can give alternative templates for different features of website such as search results or category pages.
  • By developing WordPress attractive themes, developers can give websites an attractive look with reasonable knowledge of CSS, PHP and HTML.
  • A WordPress theme allows customization of the website functionality according to the theme.

We are a pioneer in WordPress theme development and have established quite a reputable position as quality and attractive yet affordable WordPress theme developers. We follow theme development standards as described in WordPress coding standards which includes;

  • We use well structured, error free PHP and HTML.
  • We use clean and valid CSS
  • And follow development guidelines.


So, if you are in need of dynamic and attractive WordPress themes templates for your WordPress website, we are here to help you out with most attractive and advanced WordPress themes.


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