WordPress is an open source CMS or content management system widely used to create a website or a blog site. It focuses on aesthetics, web standards and its usability. The main reason behind the phenomenal success of WordPress is that it has an option to customize the themes which is absolutely unique.

WordPress have a templating system and a plug-in architecture. The templating system incorporated with widgets allows customizing the pages without editing the PHP and HTML. It also has an integrated link management, clean permalink, search engine friendly structure that supports for tagging articles and posts.

What we provide

Backed with qualitative talent and experience, we are renowned for our WordPress Customization Services that we provide for you. Our services include

  • We customize as well as design wordpress themes to suit your needs in order to look attractive in your websites or blog. You can choose from various available themes or can go for unique and creative theme customized for you.
  • We provide header customization, integration with social book marking network and to customize wordpress website to be more SEO friendly.
  • Layout customization- Choosing an appropriate layout for your website enhances the attractiveness as well as readability. We provide customized layouts for your wordpress website.
  • WordPress Plug-in customization-We also provide customized plug-ins for your website according to your need.
  • Customization and Integration of web statistics-We provide customization of your web statistics in order to measure the statistics on the World Wide Web.
  • We also offer wordpress blog customization in order to make it more attractive and user friendly.

At, WordPress India, we work exactly according to your specified needs and provide you the best work and services to help in accordance with your business. Our services have been applauded by our offshore as well as Indian clients. It is no wonder that we are leading the league of wordpress theme customization services with most cost effective and unique methodology of project processing.


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