10 Things Every WordPress Plugin Developer Should Know

WordPress Plugins are basically minuscule software applications that operate with the help of the WordPress. Plugin development in WordPress consists of producing websites and implementing new features for clients. It also includes developing various interfaces, graphics or visual capabilities to optimize the development of websites. WordPress development can range from creating blogs to websites and can easily be called a developer plugin’s best mate owing to its multifaceted use. Everyone wants to transcend in it but not many know how to. So, here are a few tips to get you through:

  • The action and filter hooks are really useful tools which are even used by reputed WordPress development company. The action hook helps users to alter the outcome or functions of projects whereas the filter hook enables to change data prior to sending it back to the database.

  • Knowing the template hierarchical structure is imperative to excel at the art. Each and every template plays a part in making up the final content of the web page.

  • In case you want to use Git, then you have to acquaint yourself with. Git attributes for a more efficient work flow in WordPress. It allows you to configure files and folders by filtering out certain essential attributes which do not require modification.

  • The most significant rule to know while using WordPress is to remember not to make alterations in the core files. Remodeling core files can simply raise loopholes in the safety of WordPress which becomes easier for hackers to access your work, so it is best to steer clear of such exercises.

  • It is crucial to keep your site secure from cyber-attacks and malicious software like bugs, viruses and ransomware. The best way to prevent such invasions is to keep the plugins updated to the latest version.

  • The ideal practice of that WordPress plugin developers should follow is to build website specific plugins as you make need reshaping some functionality or theme in a particular site only. So, it is always advisable to customize plugins based on websites.

  • There may be numerous plugins made by various developers in a WordPress site and chances of duplication may appear when the plugins hook scripts or connecting HTML to incorporate many files. The safest strategy to avoid such scenarios is to enqueue your scripts.

  • When establishing new plugins, it is useful to enable debugging options until it is fully finished.

  • Most plugin developers don’t pay attention but this tip surely helps to keep your website secure. Selecting an appropriate web host provider means increasing profitability, maximizing SEO as well as ensuring safety aspects. A good hosting provider is one which has a great customer satisfaction record.

  • Being aware of the database is the ultimate choice as a developer. It is a challenge to understand all the 11 database tables but it is incredibly beneficial in editing passwords or deactivating plugins. Thus, integrating this knowledge proves advantageous for Plugin in India as well as abroad.

WordPress can be used to meet almost any need and hence is considered an extremely important tool by many. Following these rules, you too can be a master of Plugin development.


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