Choosing able to convert PSD into WordPress

In layman terms, WordPress is the perfect tool to build a website or blog. It is widely used by businessmen, designers, bloggers, and the public in general. WordPress is free and open-source signifying that it can be modified or used by anyone to make it better. This popular content management system is easy-to-use and is loaded with both simple and extensive features. Historically, WordPress was meant for blog purposes only but over time it became hugely popular and underwent structural changes in addition to a bombardment of plugins and themes. Now it is used in more than one-third of all the websites in the world.

Therefore, the need for an efficient WordPress Development Company is more than ever before. WordPress developers have increased in numbers considerably in the last few years keeping in tandem with the rise in software bits that extend features and functionalities of the avant-garde platform. It is essential for a professional or businessman to avail of the services of experts when it comes to creating dynamic interactive websites. A customized WordPress service will cater to your needs by creating unique strategies and using only those features that your website requires. The main aim is higher conversion rates. Therefore, websites need to be scalable, easily navigable and boast of a user-friendly interface. A WordPress Development agency also helps with WordPress plugin development and theme customization. But among all of its diverse range of services, one of the foremost services, that is very vital to users is the conversion feature called PSD to WordPress Services.

The layered image file that is default to Adobe Photoshop, the kingpin of the digital art industry, is called Photoshop document or PSD. All files in Adobe are saved as PSD files displaying the file extension .psd. A user can work with the layers, masks, etc. even after the file is saved. There are only a handful of programs that can open a PSD file. In other cases, you need to convert them. It is a fact that many WordPress themes are made out of PSD files simply because web designers use Adobe Photoshop to create the design layout for websites.

Therefore, while choosing the WordPress Development services, one must check whether the conversion is compatible with browsers, mobile-optimized, SEO friendly, and responsive. The conversion should be done within a few days’ time. The company’s developers must have the necessary expertise to use high-quality and structured coding. They should recommend suitable plugins and adopt enough security measures. There should be a review team to audit the quality of the conversion. It must be kept in mind that the conversion is irreversible. Once a PSD file is converted by flattening into .jpg, .gif, etc. it cannot be converted into its original format again. Thus, care should be exercised not to overwrite the .psd file during the conversion process.

10 Things Every WordPress Plugin Developer Should Know

WordPress Plugins are basically minuscule software applications that operate with the help of the WordPress. Plugin development in WordPress consists of producing websites and implementing new features for clients. It also includes developing various interfaces, graphics or visual capabilities to optimize the development of websites. WordPress development can range from creating blogs to websites and can easily be called a developer plugin’s best mate owing to its multifaceted use. Everyone wants to transcend in it but not many know how to. So, here are a few tips to get you through:

  • The action and filter hooks are really useful tools which are even used by reputed WordPress development company. The action hook helps users to alter the outcome or functions of projects whereas the filter hook enables to change data prior to sending it back to the database.

  • Knowing the template hierarchical structure is imperative to excel at the art. Each and every template plays a part in making up the final content of the web page.

  • In case you want to use Git, then you have to acquaint yourself with. Git attributes for a more efficient work flow in WordPress. It allows you to configure files and folders by filtering out certain essential attributes which do not require modification.

  • The most significant rule to know while using WordPress is to remember not to make alterations in the core files. Remodeling core files can simply raise loopholes in the safety of WordPress which becomes easier for hackers to access your work, so it is best to steer clear of such exercises.

  • It is crucial to keep your site secure from cyber-attacks and malicious software like bugs, viruses and ransomware. The best way to prevent such invasions is to keep the plugins updated to the latest version.

  • The ideal practice of that WordPress plugin developers should follow is to build website specific plugins as you make need reshaping some functionality or theme in a particular site only. So, it is always advisable to customize plugins based on websites.

  • There may be numerous plugins made by various developers in a WordPress site and chances of duplication may appear when the plugins hook scripts or connecting HTML to incorporate many files. The safest strategy to avoid such scenarios is to enqueue your scripts.

  • When establishing new plugins, it is useful to enable debugging options until it is fully finished.

  • Most plugin developers don’t pay attention but this tip surely helps to keep your website secure. Selecting an appropriate web host provider means increasing profitability, maximizing SEO as well as ensuring safety aspects. A good hosting provider is one which has a great customer satisfaction record.

  • Being aware of the database is the ultimate choice as a developer. It is a challenge to understand all the 11 database tables but it is incredibly beneficial in editing passwords or deactivating plugins. Thus, integrating this knowledge proves advantageous for Plugin in India as well as abroad.

WordPress can be used to meet almost any need and hence is considered an extremely important tool by many. Following these rules, you too can be a master of Plugin development.

They Say We Are The Best WordPress Service Provider in India Why? Check out yourself

Are you still wondering why your website is failing to attract visitors? Probably, it is losing that much-required sheen and dynamism to draw customer attention.

Turn to WordPress India for a perfect web design and development solution. WordPress India is a subsidiary of Dream soft Infotech, a pioneer in web development solutions. WordPress India was set up with an aim to harvest the best of open source CMS platform WordPress and develop cost-effective yet commercially thriving websites. We are a WordPress Development company in India striving to catapult the open-source platform to deliver highly customizable, attractive and easy to maintain Web sites and blogs. Our services pivot around the creation of responsive themes, designing, installing and setting up customization, developing add-ons in WordPress and converting PSD/ blog/website to WordPress.

We have catered to clients residing in and out of the nation. Our success stories are our milestones and we strive to surpass our milestones in every next project. We are proud to own a seasoned team of professionals who stand valiant in our ventures. So, let’s take you on a tour to our WordPress sojourn:

WordPress India- Salient Features

Responsive websites are the call of time. We understand the inevitability and hence are at relentless work to develop highly responsive websites that perform effectively and efficaciously across all platforms.

We have a distinctive business-driven and professional approach towards each project. Our customers bet on us for this!

World Class CMS development, web development, and blog customization and give 24/7 technical support to keep your website functioning seamlessly.

Prices are highly competitive and we can beat anyone in the industry when it comes to cost-effectiveness.
As we mentioned, our customers range from domestic to international, we would like to throw some light on who can
work with us?

WordPress can be armed to create some attention-grabbing and dynamic websites which functional equally across myriad of hardware and software configurations. Since we flawlessly merge websites into RWD technology, basically anyone and just anyone can work with us to get an omnipotent presence of their websites. B2C and B2B businesses who need to reach out to their customers and client at the earliest point of time can highly benefit from our services.

Our core services

Give your websites an edge to compete in the market. Make it competent enough to drive sales beyond geographical boundaries. Contact us to outshine your website in the race with absolutely exclusive features of WordPress like customization, elaborate CMS development, and easy to use and user-friendly WordPress plugin development.

So, our core services include:

PSD to responsive websites conversion
PSD to WordPress conversion
WordPress CMS development
Hire an experienced WordPress Developer
Hire an experienced WordPress Designer
Customizing WordPress websites and blogs
WordPress CMS development
WordPress Theme Development
WordPress Theme Design
Development of WordPress Plugin
WordPress Blog Development
WordPress Development

Why choose us?

This is quite an obvious question that will arise out of curiosity in every customer’s mind. After all, there is a lot of similar business to business module scrambling all-around offering the same services. In such a swarming field, why would anyone come to us? Here are some points:

Agile Technology:

We are never tired of innovation neither we are bored to update ourselves with the latest technology in the market. Our team is adept with the most agile technologies assuring our services remain unprecedented in the market.

Most competent rates:

Yes, we boast of this! Our rates are the most competent ones and we can bet on this. We ensure that every client is assured of the best rate fitting the budget.

Round-the-clock service:

Providing round the clock service forms one of our core values. We stand by any glitch or hitch on your website and present ourselves at your services no matter what the time is.

We have been in the industry for more than a decade and there’s no doubt why it has earned an eminent niche in WordPress development services. We are afraid of challenges; in fact, we believe challenges extort the best of us. So, if you need to give your websites a real competitive edge, then we are your lone destination!

Shine Like A Star With Great WordPress Development Services

WordPress is one of the most demanded and preferable content management systems in the existing competitive world. Initially, brands and leading names use this platform for blogging to get connected to their fan base and for commenting purposes. Nowadays, it is used by much more top-notch business brands and the exponential growth of this user-friendly and easy to access open-source platform is the outcome of its search engine friendly architecture as well as it’s free to download and doesn’t need for individuals to have the sound technical knowledge to use the CMS. As compared to PSD based websites, WordPress Development Services are creating a niche and trademark on the World Wide Web including the online branding industry.

The preeminent step in the process of developing an effective and striking online visibility and presence in the selection of apt WordPress solution service provider. It’s just for people to stay focused and attentive while picking the right WordPress development company and building your online presence, make it easy to access and user-friendly. Theme customization and WordPress plugin development is something that professionals do to make a website unique and extraordinary. In simple words, using WordPress you can spend less and get more in hand. A PHP based affordable open-source solution, there are many companies that got exceptionally top-class support for WordPress theme development, plug-in development, etc. and they offer extremely rich, good and profitable websites.

Unlocking a gateway to more opportunities and scope, WordPress Development India offers its services on its own, assists people in handling and managing websites, content, and graphics with ease and unbeatable prices. At present, the approximate one-third market of the website is running smoothly and efficiently on WordPress platform molding up around three fourth arena of the content management system. In fact, without even a hitch, it can bring huge traffic and potential backlinks by handling server load to assure that the website appeals and works smoothly. Without an open-source content management system, customers are provided with default themes that are not much enthralling and captivating.

Though customized themes work wonders for the company and fabricating a website in a unique way. Within a few seconds, the domain gets active and live. The fool-proof and flawless WordPress provides several feasible features integrated with outstandingly advanced publishing marketplace, SEO plugin and feasible architecture. What else you need? Aiding and providing desirable functionalities in your blog or website, simply play with the open-source and get things done at your convenience.

Basic Features of WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress is open-source blogging and a content management system based on PHP and MYSQL. It has its many important features like plugin architecture and a template system. It is compatible with all the major browsers and operating systems as well. They help to give your websites a new enhancing look to do the best e-commerce business and help you to edit the content and add inputs such as images and other multimedia products to your websites. A web designer or a developer can easily change colors to an image or even can add or remove image layers and can add text in it.

WordPress Development Company provides different services like WordPress themes development, WordPress templates development, WordPress installation and customization, WordPress blog customization, WordPress CMS development, WordPress extension development, WordPress Programming solutions, WordPress website development, and WordPress SEO friendly solutions. WordPress is very user-friendly. Everybody can use it by having average technical knowledge and is cheaper than others. Even some of the themes are completely free of cost. There are endless options and plugins that one can put on their websites. It is also search engine friendly which helps to land easily on the first page within a click of Google results.

WordPress plugin development plays a great role to enhance the functionality of your blog by adding extra features to your websites. There are many important features and some of the basic features are listed below-

  • It is easy, fast, reliable and cost-effective.
  • It can be downloaded and installed on a website free of cost
  • One can organize one’s web pages and their content according to their needs by using WordPress
  • One can even add or edit documents, movies, numerical data and pictures easily in ones web pages at any time
  • Registered users can post articles, comments, and images from the front end of our site and this can be displayed in the home pages using WordPress application.



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