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Are you still wondering why your website is failing to attract visitors? Probably, it is losing that much-required sheen and dynamism to draw customer attention.

Turn to WordPress India for a perfect web design and development solution. WordPress India is a subsidiary of Dream soft Infotech, a pioneer in web development solutions. WordPress India was set up with an aim to harvest the best of open source CMS platform WordPress and develop cost-effective yet commercially thriving websites. We are a WordPress Development company in India striving to catapult the open-source platform to deliver highly customizable, attractive and easy to maintain Web sites and blogs. Our services pivot around the creation of responsive themes, designing, installing and setting up customization, developing add-ons in WordPress and converting PSD/ blog/website to WordPress.

We have catered to clients residing in and out of the nation. Our success stories are our milestones and we strive to surpass our milestones in every next project. We are proud to own a seasoned team of professionals who stand valiant in our ventures. So, let’s take you on a tour to our WordPress sojourn:

WordPress India- Salient Features

Responsive websites are the call of time. We understand the inevitability and hence are at relentless work to develop highly responsive websites that perform effectively and efficaciously across all platforms.

We have a distinctive business-driven and professional approach towards each project. Our customers bet on us for this!

World Class CMS development, web development, and blog customization and give 24/7 technical support to keep your website functioning seamlessly.

Prices are highly competitive and we can beat anyone in the industry when it comes to cost-effectiveness.
As we mentioned, our customers range from domestic to international, we would like to throw some light on who can
work with us?

WordPress can be armed to create some attention-grabbing and dynamic websites which functional equally across myriad of hardware and software configurations. Since we flawlessly merge websites into RWD technology, basically anyone and just anyone can work with us to get an omnipotent presence of their websites. B2C and B2B businesses who need to reach out to their customers and client at the earliest point of time can highly benefit from our services.

Our core services

Give your websites an edge to compete in the market. Make it competent enough to drive sales beyond geographical boundaries. Contact us to outshine your website in the race with absolutely exclusive features of WordPress like customization, elaborate CMS development, and easy to use and user-friendly WordPress plugin development.

So, our core services include:

PSD to responsive websites conversion
PSD to WordPress conversion
WordPress CMS development
Hire an experienced WordPress Developer
Hire an experienced WordPress Designer
Customizing WordPress websites and blogs
WordPress CMS development
WordPress Theme Development
WordPress Theme Design
Development of WordPress Plugin
WordPress Blog Development
WordPress Development

Why choose us?

This is quite an obvious question that will arise out of curiosity in every customer’s mind. After all, there is a lot of similar business to business module scrambling all-around offering the same services. In such a swarming field, why would anyone come to us? Here are some points:

Agile Technology:

We are never tired of innovation neither we are bored to update ourselves with the latest technology in the market. Our team is adept with the most agile technologies assuring our services remain unprecedented in the market.

Most competent rates:

Yes, we boast of this! Our rates are the most competent ones and we can bet on this. We ensure that every client is assured of the best rate fitting the budget.

Round-the-clock service:

Providing round the clock service forms one of our core values. We stand by any glitch or hitch on your website and present ourselves at your services no matter what the time is.

We have been in the industry for more than a decade and there’s no doubt why it has earned an eminent niche in WordPress development services. We are afraid of challenges; in fact, we believe challenges extort the best of us. So, if you need to give your websites a real competitive edge, then we are your lone destination!

Get the Best out of your Website by Availing WordPress Development Solutions

Millions and zillions across the world have identified and analyzed the power of WordPress development for setting up a secure, dynamic and profit rewarding online brand presence. The open-source online publishing marketplace proffers remarkable and outstanding flexibility to its end-users worldwide. Simple yet effectual blogging tool, the advanced CMS is simple and easy to learn. If you are new to this field, hire WordPress developers India, avail sound WordPress customization and development solutions and fetch optimal benefits out of it in the fastest time possible.


In addition, plug-ins have great potential and capability to make the platform more popular and recognized. WordPress plugin development services India provides effectual and skilled WordPress solutions and been one of the major concern areas of WordPress development, assisting webmasters and professionals to tailor-made their websites and blogs according to the needs and demands. Plug-ins help in relieving the pain of having the knowledge of technical support. Once the platform is created, webmasters and technocrats require uploading the content, images, text, and graphics on their web server and updating them in their WordPress dashboard.


There are few things to consider while WordPress plugin and website development process that help sites to run effectively and smoothly. These standard actions and approaches once followed properly can take the platform to the next level. Oftentimes, this thing distinguishes good and ordinary companies from using the platform. Accommodating and fulfilling different business meets, plug-ins and WordPress development have to be customized accordingly. Varying from social media support to SEO services, WordPress is attainable with the repositories and archives. Without thinking much, avail WordPress solutions for the betterment and performance of the websites. We will be happy to get your feedback on the same.

Top Notch Reasons to Choose WordPress for Website Development

Are you looking for a content management system that is easy to use and install? If yes, WordPress is one of the best-in choices you must go for. WordPress theme development in India is all that you need at this moment. It is an open source content management system introduced in the web industry in 2003. Millions and zillions of people worldwide prefer to avail WordPress development services or PSD to WordPress conversion services India on a wide scale simply to create and maintain customized websites and blogs. The varied features and functionality offered by the platform are simply astonishing and magnificent.


As it is an open source platform, thus you do not require getting its license. Easy to use, manage and access, one must do not need to have any technical knowledge for using the same. The platform has been equipped with few top class templates and themes integrated within and with the help of them; it is very easy to change the overall appeal of your website or blog in a quick time. The customization solutions in accord with the need for the project could impact not only the overall appeal of the website but also fetching more traffic and leads as compared to others.


With the help of WordPress forum integration, you can integrate and get fit in your website or blog easily in a forum and render your customers a highly user-friendly, search engine friendly and interactive platform to represent your products and offerings. Listing down the benefits of the platform is like an unending list and there’s a lot more to list down here. I hope, you like to read about the open source ‘WordPress’. Give your valuable feedback on the same.

The Fame and Popularity of WordPress Development in India

Are you dreaming of owning and managing your own website? Is it somewhere difficult for you to handle and manage the content on your blog/website? Do you need modern yet cultured customizations for your website? If yes, the WordPress development service in India is the one-stop solution for all your needs. Unlocking and opening a gateway to construct a website and smoothly function on its own, WordPress developers can make your work easy and simple by managing the website’s content and functionality according to the convenience. Priory, WordPress development was advertised as free blogging and hosting application but with time, it allures and attracts umpteen bloggers and website professionals towards it.


In today’s technological and challenging world, approximately one-third of all websites and portals are working efficiently and smoothly on WordPress open source content management system market. Without any problem, WordPress can absorb a large number of traffic and potential visitors by handling the server load assuring that the website is working correctly. Within a fraction of seconds, the domain of the website gets active and live and it is one of the best ever techniques used to construct and play around with a website. Incorporated with different SEO plugin and great architecture, hire WordPress developers from web development companies to handle your business and its objectives at reasonable prices.


Most of the web development companies offer sound and efficient programming, development, designing and customization solutions related to WordPress in the utmost professional manner. WordPress developers would be wholly responsible to tailor and customize your desired functionality as per the demands. So what are you thinking guys? If dreaming to avail of such solutions, get up and avail WordPress development solutions. We would be glad to receive your feedback on the same.

Create Unique Online Presence Using WordPress Theme Designs

Whether you are all set to launch a new venture or revamp your website, you should always take into consideration the several benefits that you get to enjoy with WordPress Theme Design.  If you are running an online business then incorporating this amazing took can boost the charm of your website manifolds making it appear unique and attractive enough to catch the fancy of potential customers spread all over the world. It is a widely known fact that WordPress is used as a blogging platform. However, there are various incredible features that make it much more than a blogging platform. It is one of the most sought-after Content Management Systems as well. On the whole, it is user-friendly and extremely flexible.

There are innumerable reasons why the majority of online businesses prefer WordPress over other CMS’s doing the round of the market.  Sites based on WordPress have reached new heights. You can bank upon the services offered by industry experts if you are craving for online success.  They will transform your online business by incorporating WordPress.

WordPress Themes are available easily for free. Yes, you have to shell out not even a single penny for basic themes. However, premium themes might cost you a small amount. WordPress Theme Design can be customized according to the business needs of an individual. You simply need to share your business objective and concept with WordPress developers and get the best at pocket-friendly rates.

WordPress Development Service can help you in managing; editing and updating content published on the website as per your ease and need without facing any hassle. As WordPress is search engine friendly, it can help you in reaping benefits like never before. Redefining online presence is easy now. Just choose WordPress and get started.


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