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WordPress was originally conceived for blogging purposes, but its popularity increased exponentially soon after its release, and it became an industry standard for all types of web content and website development. WordPress is a free content management system with an impressive plugin architecture. It features innumerable web templates that are popular among web developers and designers. WordPress is written in PHP scripting language and is user-friendly. It is one of the biggest reasons behind it becoming the most desired website creation platform in the World Wide Web (WWW). Nowadays, WordPress is extensively used for multifarious purposes that include business, blogging, portfolio websites, learning management systems, e-commerce or online shopping stores, membership sites, etc.

WordPress can boast of its myriad features and functionalities, thanks to its excellent plugin architecture. As of now, WordPress has over a whopping 55000 plugins. Plugins can be free or premium. You can download thousands of free plugins from the plugin directory of WordPress. Paid plugins, however, offer full-time support from the staff, are upgraded continuously, and entails fewer compatibility issues.

Plugins offer custom functions that modify and enhance your website features. Since, WordPress is an open-source platform; the plugin development in WordPress enables everyone and anyone to create plugins. Therefore, it is important to choose the best WordPress development company that can fulfill your professional or business objectives through customized WordPress solutions. You would need to avail of WordPress development services if you wish to create a dynamic business website or an interactive online store or a traditional blogging site with modern-day features and functionalities. It is important to choose the WordPress development company that not only has the requisite technological infrastructure and experience but also offers all its services at an economical budget. The development company must choose the most suitable ones from the abundance of features and functionalities. It needs to deliver within time and must have good tech support that is available all the time.

Plugins can be simple or complex. The extensive plugins include third party and e-commerce integration. The simple one is just a solitary PHP file. It is important to differentiate between themes and plugins. Plugins use widgets, navigation bars, hooks, short code, etc. to improve your website.

The plugin WordPress is one of the most important services, which has a huge bearing on your website having high conversion rates. WordPress offers a Plugin Developer Handbook. It is a useful resource for developers that not only enlightens developers about the intricacies of this powerful asset but also allows them to add or edit content. The handbook is essential for beginners. It guides you regarding what tools to use and how to extend the functionalities of the software without tampering with the core files. WordPress developers are well aware not to edit core WordPress files for enhancing your WordPress site, as the core files are overwritten each time the system updates take place.

Choosing best web development company for WordPress development services

Web development is a professional discipline that requires expertise and technical skill. Web development is an umbrella term that includes web design, web engineering, client-side scripting, e-commerce development, web content development, etc. Web development is the final and most important stage in the process of website building. A web developer gets the design of a website from a web designer and turns the visual blueprint into a full-fledged website. Web development necessitates the technicians to be adept in computer programming languages as their work entails coding and writing markup languages that include Hypertext Markup language (HTML), JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), PHP, JQuery, etc.

A web development company in India is not a tough ask to find. There is an abundance of professional web development companies providing all the services related to website creation and designing. Therefore, these web development companies are providing a one-stop solution to their clients by including services like web hosting, search engine optimization, mobile app development, CMS web development solutions, etc. Among all such important services, one of the most important and popular services that these companies provide is WordPress development service. WordPress development services are in demand among all the clients because of the reputation WordPress has.

WordPress is a free and open-source platform that was originally created for blogging purposes. It is open-source denoting that anybody can write and modify codes that will enhance the user experience. With its popularity soaring sky-high, WordPress made structural changes with the core code with the addition of a multitude of features like the plugin architecture and other software bits. This resulted in it becoming one of the most popular website building software that is not only used for business websites and portfolios but also for e-commerce stores and social networking sites.

While choosing a top web development provider, it is imperative to see whether it houses professional developers who have the experience in building responsive and SEO-friendly websites with WordPress. There is an abundance of features available on WordPress. The software is built on PHP and MySQL and has over 55000 plugins in the public domain. It would require professional expertise to use only those attributes that suit your company profile instead of cluttering it with multiple features.

  • The web development company must provide all the WordPress development services including customized solutions.
  • All services can be availed at an economical budget.
  • The team of WordPress developers is skilled and experienced.
  • While providing WordPress development services, the company must know how to use the best plugins and modules.
  • Has a good reputation for delivering the work within the given time-frame.
  • The professional acumen to understand a client’s needs and objectives regarding his business and choosing the most suitable WordPress function likewise.
  • 24*7 all-year-round tech support for the clients.
  • It has the requisite infrastructure and follows the latest trends.
  • Past clients or client history.

Choosing able to convert PSD into WordPress

In layman terms, WordPress is the perfect tool to build a website or blog. It is widely used by businessmen, designers, bloggers, and the public in general. WordPress is free and open-source signifying that it can be modified or used by anyone to make it better. This popular content management system is easy-to-use and is loaded with both simple and extensive features. Historically, WordPress was meant for blog purposes only but over time it became hugely popular and underwent structural changes in addition to a bombardment of plugins and themes. Now it is used in more than one-third of all the websites in the world.

Therefore, the need for an efficient WordPress Development Company is more than ever before. WordPress developers have increased in numbers considerably in the last few years keeping in tandem with the rise in software bits that extend features and functionalities of the avant-garde platform. It is essential for a professional or businessman to avail of the services of experts when it comes to creating dynamic interactive websites. A customized WordPress service will cater to your needs by creating unique strategies and using only those features that your website requires. The main aim is higher conversion rates. Therefore, websites need to be scalable, easily navigable and boast of a user-friendly interface. A WordPress Development agency also helps with WordPress plugin development and theme customization. But among all of its diverse range of services, one of the foremost services, that is very vital to users is the conversion feature called PSD to WordPress Services.

The layered image file that is default to Adobe Photoshop, the kingpin of the digital art industry, is called Photoshop document or PSD. All files in Adobe are saved as PSD files displaying the file extension .psd. A user can work with the layers, masks, etc. even after the file is saved. There are only a handful of programs that can open a PSD file. In other cases, you need to convert them. It is a fact that many WordPress themes are made out of PSD files simply because web designers use Adobe Photoshop to create the design layout for websites.

Therefore, while choosing the WordPress Development services, one must check whether the conversion is compatible with browsers, mobile-optimized, SEO friendly, and responsive. The conversion should be done within a few days’ time. The company’s developers must have the necessary expertise to use high-quality and structured coding. They should recommend suitable plugins and adopt enough security measures. There should be a review team to audit the quality of the conversion. It must be kept in mind that the conversion is irreversible. Once a PSD file is converted by flattening into .jpg, .gif, etc. it cannot be converted into its original format again. Thus, care should be exercised not to overwrite the .psd file during the conversion process.

Top quality PSD to WordPress conversion offered at WordPress India

If you have been adjusting with the generic WordPress theme for your website for long then it’s time to wake up! Now you can be really innovative with your website design. Feel free to apply own creativity to come up with a unique design by using Photoshop. Then it is equally easy to convert this PSD file to a WordPress theme so as to create your own personalized version of the website.

Designing an exclusive website by converting the Photoshop PSD files to WordPress themes is one of the nifty shortcuts in web design today. Often inexperienced web designers venture into this unknown territory just because handling WordPress is comparatively easy. However, if you want to use your business website as the primary tool to beat the competition in the market then professional assistance should be sought for PSD to WordPress conversion.

At WordPress India, we ensure a rejuvenated and professional look for your business website. Operating as an exclusive domain of Dream Soft Infotech, we take the PSD to WordPress theme conversion quite seriously. We cover a wide spectrum of conversion services while concentrating primarily on:-

Table-less and lightweight layout to optimize the loading
Conversion of any image format like PD, PNG, PSD, JPEG to WordPress themes
SEO semantic coding
Maintaining exact pixel quality like your original design
Compatibility with multiple browsers
Structured CSS with neat commenting

Armed with the latest infrastructure, software tools, and skillful developers, we guarantee the most effective WordPress website design within the shortest time span. As a certified WordPress website development company, we strictly abide by the W3C validation and work ethics. Working with WordPress is indeed an enjoyable experience as we take each of our clients into confidence, keeping the communication channel open always, listening to their suggestions and replying to queries instantly.

Be it converting PSD to WordPress or customizing WordPress themes, we can competently handle any challenging project. Our charges are quite reasonable as we derive greater benefit from client satisfaction! To know about WordPress services, reach us anytime by filling up the online form.

Create Unique Online Presence Using WordPress Theme Designs

Whether you are all set to launch a new venture or revamp your website, you should always take into consideration the several benefits that you get to enjoy with WordPress Theme Design.  If you are running an online business then incorporating this amazing took can boost the charm of your website manifolds making it appear unique and attractive enough to catch the fancy of potential customers spread all over the world. It is a widely known fact that WordPress is used as a blogging platform. However, there are various incredible features that make it much more than a blogging platform. It is one of the most sought-after Content Management Systems as well. On the whole, it is user-friendly and extremely flexible.

There are innumerable reasons why the majority of online businesses prefer WordPress over other CMS’s doing the round of the market.  Sites based on WordPress have reached new heights. You can bank upon the services offered by industry experts if you are craving for online success.  They will transform your online business by incorporating WordPress.

WordPress Themes are available easily for free. Yes, you have to shell out not even a single penny for basic themes. However, premium themes might cost you a small amount. WordPress Theme Design can be customized according to the business needs of an individual. You simply need to share your business objective and concept with WordPress developers and get the best at pocket-friendly rates.

WordPress Development Service can help you in managing; editing and updating content published on the website as per your ease and need without facing any hassle. As WordPress is search engine friendly, it can help you in reaping benefits like never before. Redefining online presence is easy now. Just choose WordPress and get started.


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