4 Best Techniques to Hire a Competent WordPress Developer

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WordPress is a well-known platform for promoting companies and services that are used by millions of people around the globe. In any event, WordPress is easy to use, has a wealth of plugins that may improve the end-user experience, and is filled with unique features. A skilled WordPress Development Company can design a website that will boost a brand’s sales and exposure.

Should you hire a WordPress developer or do it yourself when creating a WordPress site?

If you have decided that hiring a developer is the best option for your site, we’ll give some tips on how to ‘hire WordPress developers in India.

WordPress CMS’s popularity

In the blogging world, WordPress powers 39.5 percent of all websites, and its content management system has seen an upward trend in popularity. Several innovations, however, have converted it from a blogging platform to an open-source development platform.

Considering that WordPress CMS is adopted by more than 39.5 percent of websites helps you to evaluate its popularity and the advantages it may provide for your business.

Multifarious Benefits of ‘Hiring a WordPress Developer’

  • Spend less time understanding the intricacies of WordPress.
  • The developer may add unique functionality to your site, which is handy if you want particularly specific features and settings.
  • There’s a lower chance that your site will neat and well-structured, with a proper layout.
  • If your developer is skilled, he or she will understand how to get the best out of the platform, which includes optimizing your site’s speed, security, and so on.
  • You’ll have someone to turn to for assistance with technical chores, upgrades, bug fixes, and other issues.

Steps to hire a reliable WordPress developer

Hiring a developer might be a wise decision, but it must be done with caution. You want to get the best ‘WordPress Web Developers,’ but you don’t want to spend more than what you can afford. Let’s go through everything you’ll need to do to increase your chances of producing a superb final result.

Step 1: Consider your requirements

Even if you aren’t going to develop your website yourself, you should understand what you need before hiring a WordPress developer. The more exact the information you can provide them, the better the final outcome will be.

You don’t need to start preparing the layout of your site right once, but you should think about its purpose and contents in general. Consider, for example, the following:

  • What your site’s objective will be — to exchange knowledge, establish a community, earn sales, and so on. The number of pages you want it to have, as well as the volume.
  • Any additional tools and functionality that your website will need, such as order or registration forms, calendars, interactive features, e-commerce features, and so on.

Once you’ve decided on the above requirements, these are the first details you’ll want to share with the developer. Thus, you’ll understand each other’s points of view on where your website should go.

Step 2: Determine the costs involved

Constructing a custom website may cot cost a bomb for you. Of course, a site developed using WordPress will be less expensive than those made with other platforms. Nevertheless, you’ll want to know what type of costs to anticipate. How much you wind up spending will be determined primarily by the scope of the job and the number of pages required.

The intricacy of your needs is also important since custom-built functionalities and/or features may have their own set of costs. Minimal requirements, such as a simple WordPress blog, corporate site, or tiny retail, should be less expensive.

Step 3: Understand what to look for in a prospective recruit

If you want to employ WordPress developers, you’ll need to understand how to evaluate prospects. This may be a bit tricky, particularly if you lack technical competence. You may, however, have to gather information about the requirements and the potential capabilities the candidates should have before you start recruiting.

To accomplish so, keep the following criteria in mind:

What is the developer’s hourly rate based on their experience and his portfolio of their past experience? When assessing a prospective recruit, the greatest thing you can do is look at previous websites they’ve produced. If possible, go to the sites and spend some time checking to determine if the content is simple to discover, major features operate effectively, and so on.

Can you locate any references, reviews, or testimonials? If feasible, try to contact someone else for whom the developer has worked and inquire about their experience.

Is the developer familiar with WordPress in particular? A more generic developer may not be able to make the best use of the WordPress platform, as he may be unfamiliar with needed programming skills.

What technical and programming tools would the developer employ? Some developers will create a customized WordPress theme for you, while others will rely on page builder plugins. Thus, you should know what the structure of your site will be since it will affect how you make modifications in the future.

Finally (and maybe most crucially), it’s a good idea to reach out to and speak with the best prospects before making a selection. Inquire about their expertise, explain what you’re searching for, and so on.

This will tell you several factors, including how quickly the developer responds, how effectively they communicate, and how well they grasp your requirements. Furthermore, it may offer you an idea of how easy they’ll be to deal with — the significance of which cannot be understated.

Step 4: Comparison

You are now ready to employ a WordPress developer! You must take your time with this procedure. Examine a variety of websites, develop a list of choices, and compare them to one another (using the list in the previous step). Once you’ve reduced the field down to a few top candidates, you may contact each of them and utilize the responses to help you make your final decision.

There are several places to look for prospective employees. They may be found on both generic freelancing sites and WordPress-specific recruiting websites.

For further information on where to begin, check out a list of the top websites to ‘employ WordPress freelancers.’


Fortunately, finding a WordPress developer is not difficult. There are a lot of experienced and trustworthy WordPress developers that can assist you. To ensure you find the right person for the job, we at WordPress India, have experienced a bunch of WordPress Developers, who have adequate qualifications and have worked on multiple projects.

WordPress Plugins – How to Search, Install, and Update them?

WordPress Plugin Development

If you haven’t used the WordPress plugin before, you may be wondering what WordPress plug-in is and why it has become so popular. In fact, its popularity is so huge that about 40 percent of the websites are powered by WordPress, and its content management system contributes to 64% of the market share. You will be surprised to know that this percentage constitutes millions of websites.

One of the main reasons why WordPress and its plug-in has gained so much popularity is because WordPress plug-ins can be integrated in WordPress websites very easily and hence, you end up getting a lot of functionalities easily. In other words, your website is up and running in a few minutes, without you being a technical guy. An essential question, however, to be asked is, could a non-technical person insert plug-ins into WP websites easily, without any help, and are the plug-ins secure?

In this article, we’ll provide an explanation for the above question, plug-ins features and various questions on WordPress plugin. Also, we would answer the common question, whether you need WordPress Plugin Developers in India to integrate WordPress plug-ins in WordPress website?

Understanding WordPress Plugin and its features

A WordPress plugin, actually codes, plays a key role in connecting to your WordPress site. In simple terms, you can use the WordPress plugin to add new features to your WordPress site or enhance the existing functionality of your website.

Another way to understand WordPress plugins is that they perform more like apps on your smartphone. You can download free plug-ins or opt to purchase paid plugin-ins to customize and improve the functionality of your WordPress website.

You may be surprised to know that there are more than 50,000 free plug-ins available so that you can use them in your WordPress website. These plug-ins are available in the WordPress.org plug-in directory. For further customization of your website features, you consider hiring a web developer in India.

Factors to consider before installing WordPress plug-in

It is of high importance where you get the WordPress plug-in from. When you choose a WordPress plug-in from a third-party vendor, you are putting your security, as well as the performance, at risk. It can also slow down the performance of your website and give a chance for people with wrong and destructive intentions to introduce undesirable and harmful codes on your WordPress site.

In consideration of these problems, we have provided a list of factors you can consider before installing a WordPress plug-in.

  1. Always choose a WordPress plug-in from a well-known and qualified developer or WordPress.org or highly regarded sources.
  2. If you want to buy a WordPress plug-in, then read the reviews about the plug-in developer and the performance of the plug-in before buying it.
  3. You have to check out whether the plug-in developer offers regular updates to the plug-in so that your WordPress website doesn’t suffer due to the lack of updates.

Considering all these factors, a far better option would be approaching skillful WordPress plug-in developers in India, who are well-acquainted with the latest trends and would help you to customize the plug-ins as per your needs. A professional and experienced WordPress Developer knows what is best for your WordPress website, after hearing the requirements from you. Importantly, you don’t have to worry about the above factors as they will take care of them.

Techniques to install a WordPress plugin

Plug-ins for WordPress may be found in the official WordPress plugin directory or on third-party websites. While plugins from the official directory may be installed instantly with a single click, certain premium plugins need manual installation using an FTP client.

All you need to do is, log into the dashboard from the official WordPress directory and select Plugins of your choice and then opt for ‘Add New’ option. Then, start searching for plug-ins with the help of the built-in search box and once you find your desired plugin, click Install the plugin, followed by its activation.

Furthermore, if you have logged in as a site administrator, you will have the rights to modify plugin settings, or even deactivate them. You would also have the privilege to delete the plugin entirely from your WordPress website.

Most plugins start functioning immediately, but you may need to tweak their settings to make sure they’re working effectively as per your expectations.

Updating WordPress Plugins

Reliable developers will regularly update their plugins, and you’ll get a notice in your admin toolbar and admin panel as when any updates are available. When you get an update notice, just click on the symbol of the ‘Updates’ page and you can even configure automatic plugin updation for trustworthy vendors.

Will installation of many WordPress plug-ins affect my WordPress website?

It is a common assumption that the presence of too many plug-ins can affect your WordPress website. It is true to a certain extent but if done wisely, the plug-ins may not have any unthought effect on your website; especially, when you hire professional WordPress developers in India.

Also, the belief that having more WordPress plugins means your site will not load faster isn’t exactly correct.

However, in consideration to the above factors, it’s still a good idea for novices to remember the below advice.

The serious question to look for is not how many WordPress plugins are available, but how each plug-in accomplishes the set goals and how effectively it is written to work with WordPress websites without interfering with them.

However, as a non-tech savvy person, you can’t evaluate the effect of each plugin individually. Thus, having free or paid WP plugins to their bare minimum number will be advantageous. That is, don’t simply install a plugin because it seems good from an appearance perspective.


You can search and install WordPress plugins, be it free or premium, that suits your WP site. However, you need to be extra cautious about the plugin ill-effects such as site crash or slow performance on your WP site.

In other words, it should be synchronized properly with your WordPress website and should not create undesired problems.

Other essential aspects to look for are regular updation of the plug-ins, provided by the developers, and the number of plug-ins installed on your website. In this regard, installing too many plug-ins may or may not work for you depending upon how smartly the plug-in has been coded.

A better alternative that would take care of these problems is that you opt for experienced and knowledgeable WordPress Plugin Developers in India such as WordPress India. They would not only ensure that the developed plug-in augers well with your WordPress website but also provide you with regular updates to protect your website from any kind of virus or malware attacks.


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